Monday, October 19, 2009

Class at 2.30pm

My friend was playing with my phone when I was copying the notes in the class.

And I told her that the american girl who sat next to me in the class is very cute.

So, she took the photo of her sleeping in the class! LOL

p/s Joyce, u want pic of americans right? here they are...:P

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Malaysian Night!!!

We are gonna have a Malaysian Night event this 24th Oct!

It's the week after the October Break.

I'm in charge of the ticketing and promoting the event.

Hope the event would be a success! *finger crossed*

For those who read this, make sure you come!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Amazing Race AIESEC Purdue

I joined the Amazing Race organized by AIESEC Purdue. It was held early in the morning 10am. and I was so damn tired.

Those two were my team members for this event: Adrian and Juliana.

We had the least number of members among the 10 teams.

It was fun though, running around the campus, guessing the places from the clues given.

It was tiring running from the very north campus to the south campus. It was a two hours event and it ended at 1.30pm.

Had lotsa fun though we didn't win but we got no5.

While I was waiting for other teams to reach the final point, I saw one funny stuff in Steward Center.


Our final point is in Steward Centre which is located in front of HSEE library. This is where the box is located, (right in front of library). I laughed when I saw the words "What time?"

Monday, September 14, 2009

Mike's Crab House, Maryland

I covered three states during my last trip to Washington DC. We went to Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland.

One of the best parts during the trip was the food. David, my friend who worked in Maryland brought us to eat dim sum in a restaurant not far from DC. The dim sum were awesome!

We also drove to Virginia to try Korean foods. There is like a korea-town in Virginia. It's like one whole row of korean restaurants and shops along the highway. It was good but I prefer the Dim Sum though because we can hardly communicate with one of the waitress who speak little English.

That night, we went to eat Crabs. Yea, I don't eat Seafood. The place we went is called Mike's Crab House. It's a very nice and romantic place. Bro, next time bring Florence here, alright?

I didn't eat the Crabs though. I ordered Salmon Fish instead. When I looked at my friends eating Crabs, it really made me think of my family. My parents and brother like Crabs very much. So as my uncle. They will definitely eat Crabs if they go to Miri.

Dang it...this pic makes me think of my family.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Washington DC

The White House

The WWII monument

Still remember transformer? This is the blackbird transformer.

The US capitol

The White House(front view)

Transformer in the museum.


Love this car man...

White House(back view)

p/s Recently I lost the will to update my blog. classes started like 2 weeks ago. and the best thing is I dont have class on Tuesday.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Off to Washington DC today...

Will update my blog after I come back to WL...

Thursday, June 25, 2009


People around the world have been talking about A(H1N1) virus aka swine flu and WHO has been updating the number of the cases confirmed. So far, 238 people died because of swine flu.

Well,it isn't a good thing for everyone of course.

But, it's a good thing because somehow I can finally see the true color of people surrounding me. Before I elaborate further, please read this.

I'm pissed off, damn pissed.

People are criticizing the family for spreading the virus to other students. The word 'spreading' is kinda mean there.

11 year old student wana spread virus to other students. Sounds abit funny there too.

What can a 11 year old student know about this virus?

Who wants to be the victim?

Do you want to be infected as well?

Or Do you actually wana ask for it? No right?

Dude, she is only 11 years old. How can you let a very young girl under pressure and mental distress?

If you are in her shoes, how would you feel? Hurt, huh?

I feel pity for this girl and also her family. I really hope she is in good health now. Please stop critisizing them and asking them to apologize because this isn't what they want or expect too.

I'm also back from one of the A(H1N1) affected countries, US. So, what's next? avoiding me?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Summer 2009

There are many reasons why I don't feel like updating my blog.

- I don't have's hard to use the mouse pad.

- there are many things to say that I don't know how to put in words.

- I'm too busy sleeping at home and watching dramas. (after coming back home from work)

well, just to make it short, I enjoyed myself very much in Taiwan 3 weeks ago. thanks to Joy and her parents and also Richard. They really treated us very well.

Teckky and I went to 3 famous night markets in Taipei and they were Raohe Night Market, Shih lin night market and Kee lung night market. I heard that Shih lin is the best.

We also went to National Palace Museum of Taiwan...I'm not sure about the name though but you can check the name of the museum in Air Asia latest magazine on the plane. It was named one of the best or top 10 must-visit places in Asia if I'm not wrong.

We went to the tallest building in the world - Taipei 101 - and it costed me like 400 Taiwan dollars to go up (RM 42.80) and see the whole Taipei...well, what's the point?

Oh ya, We also went to ride horse- joy family's horse...

Richard and Joy then brought us to National Taiwan University, the No.1 university in Taiwan. well, it's quite big if you wana compare with the universities in Msia. But of course students there are more fashionable and cool:P

I actually bought one handbag for my mother and she likes it very much!=) really worth the money...if i tell her the price, she's gonna kill me.

Taiwan is cool and I like it. If it wasn't summer, we would have gone to the hot spring! - teckky's idea...

And yeah, I like my chinese name! BAI FU LAN 白富澜! I'm wondering if I put 'CI' in front of my name and 'JIAO' at the end of it....hmmm...

Johnny: teruk la u ni

Me: macam mana teruk

Johnny: guna nama sendiri untuk foul word.

Me: apa boleh buat...sudah ditakdirkan begini...

(wah, i actually typed in BM...wakakkaa)

Anyway, I will post some photos in the next post. Obviously, I'm abit lazy now. Will post some photos in the next post. Chiowss....

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Indonesian Grad dinner

I'm now waiting for the flight to Taipei, Taiwan at 1.40am. Currently, I'm staying in Sheraton Hotel near Los Angeles Airport.

Heard about the news in Malaysia-2 Students from US were confirmed infected by H1N1 virus. The Health Ministry is now on high alert.

Well, I'm going off to Taiwan soon. Hope everything would be alright.


Went to Indonesian Grad dinner last night. I was in the same table with some of my Indos close friends. It was a great one compared to the Msia's. The videos and slideshows were awesome. They really emphasized on how thankful they are to their parents. The Indo graduates even sang songs to their parents and gave them flowers.

There is one difference that I realized among Malaysians and Indonesians here in Purdue - wealthiness. They are filthy rich!

I also managed to take photos with some of the graduates that night.

This is Yody, Electrical Engineering student...graduated with distinction.

This is Tiffany, Electrical Engineering student too.

And..this guy, Jefferson was the one who invited me to this event that night. He graduated in Industrial Engineering.

In the photos above, you can see them singing songs for their parents. Some indo songs...

These two girls are the indo girls that stayed in the same dorm with me during my freshman year. Melissa and Vina.

I also took photos with the MC that night. the middle one is armando, the MC.

I pretty much enjoyed myself that night. Apart from all the pretty and hot girls that night, I also managed to talk to some of the graduates and some of them have already got their jobs.

Darn, I have two more years to go......

Saturday, May 16, 2009


It was a long time since I had my last BBQ. I missed that feeling.

Last week, we had a BBQ in my friend's house. They are the taiwaneses...

So my housemates and I bought a BBQ grill for my friend as a housewarming gift.

Their house is quite nice. I planned to stay in that apartment in my senior year.

Well, we had a fun night that night, played wii. =]

Counting down...3 more days to Taiwan!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bloody Monday

I had never watched Japanese drama before. In fact, I had zero interest in watching Jap dramas before. But, this drama caught my attention few days ago and I highly recommend you guys to watch this.

It's called 'Bloody Monday'.

After you watch this drama, you will definitely like programming.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Malaysian Graduation Dinner

Just had a graduation dinner last Saturday. It went pretty well, although it wasn't like what I have expected. A month ago, I was given this 'task' to take in charge of the graduation dinner that night. I was a little bit surprised because I didn't expect I was supposed to take in charge of this, since I'm only a Public Relations Officer of PUMSA. There are 5 event managers in our committees, why me?

Well, I couldn't argue more about this since I was really busy last semester. Having exams every week since January really fucked me up. This semester, I had been skipping many meals just to finish my projects, assignments and study for exams...

Anyway, in the graduation dinner, I had the chance to actually talk and sit with one of the MSD officers in Chicago, whom I invited through email. The officer named Mr. Azmi Ruzali was the VIP that night. We actually talked alot and he was actually surprised that I was the one whom he contacted with before coming here for the event. He told me that my name doesn't sound like a Malaysian's name. =.='''

He's really a nice and friendly man to talk to. He stayed in Sarawak for 2 years before when he was young. His dad was a soldier, based in Sibu and that's why he knows a little bit about Sarawak.

That night, we didn't actually expect quite alot of people to come, and it was a surprise for me that most Malaysians attended the event that night.

The MC interviewing the Graduating seniors...



Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Final Week

Here I am...writing this blog again after a few weeks of Hell(since yys said my blog is dead)

As you can see, it has already been 2 months since I last wrote the blog. This semester was a bad one for me. I had exams every week since 3rd week of January and there were only 3 weeks with no exams this semester. I took this one course, Digital System Design, that required us to take exams every 2 weeks, which is sucks.

I had my last class last Friday and was kinda glad that the semester has finally come to an end. This week is final week and I just had one exam done yesterday and the next one would be Chinese exam this Thursday and Microelectronic Circuit Design which will be on Saturday morning.

I'm going to 2 grad dinner after the finals, Msian Grad dinner and Indons Grad dinner. I'm definitely gonna blog about these two grad dinners after finals. I'm sure it's gonna be awesome.

Oh ya, we had our last Chinese class last week and we took a photo. Spot me!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Break 2009

Below are some of the photos I took when I went for road trip this week...

I'm gonna type less because I think pictures tell all...

We actually went to University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. It's such a huge and awesome school. I feel like wanna transfer to this university.

After that, we went to Niagara fall. it was one of the 7 wonders of the world.

Nothing much I would say about this trip. It was indeed a tiring one.