Friday, October 17, 2008

Chicago Downtown

Okay, I donno what she did there.

Anyway, that was actually my 5th time to Chicago but my 2nd time to Chicago downtown though.

This is one of the tall buildings in downtown.

And you know what, I was so 'sakai' that I took these photos below.

I still remember there was one computer game that I always played when I was still in high school. It was a racing game I guess and the game has like this kinda bridge. In the game, whenever I see this bridge, I would just drive up. hehe...'s going down now...

And I saw spiderman too!!!

It was just a worker...

I went to Sears Tower too...didn't go up to the building though...the building was once known as the tallest building in the world.

Lastly, I took this photo in Chinatown...I'm Dragon!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fall Break!!!

I went to Chicago for the Fall break. I drove there together with 5 of my friends on Friday afternoon. We departed around 4pm Eastern Time and arrived Chicago around 7pm Central time. One of my friends, David, wanted to take his Chicago Marathon ticket, so he rented a SUV that day and I got the chance to drive SUV to Chicago!

After Dave took his Chicago Marathon ticket, we went to eat Chinese Food in CHINATOWN!!! That's the highlight of the day!

Nice food! That was in Penang restaurant, the only Malaysian Restaurant in Chicago Chinatown.

Then, we drove to Navy Pier, Chicago's lakefront playground. It's a tourist attraction in Chicago and it's near to Lake Michigan. There is fireworks display every 9pm this fall.

Then, dave drove back to Purdue that night as well after I dropped myself in vince's apartment in South Lake Shore. Vince and Jsern's apartment is awesome! looks like a hotel to me...

with a queen size bed each! people:P

The next day, we went to chicago downtown in the morning, sent Juliana to train station but she ended up missing the train. LOLness. She changed the ticket to noon and after that, we went to millenium park to chill.

After Juliana went off to michigan by train, vince and I went to chinatown to have our lunch in Penang, a Malaysian restaurant. When we reached chinatown, there was a function and I didn't know what day it was until I saw this...

Yea! It was the taiwan(republic of china)'s national day. what a coincidence!

We planned to go to Field Museum right after that but we ended up going back to vince's apartment because I was abit headache - woke up too early lah! That night, we went to a Japanese restaurant nearby vince's apartment and I enjoyed eating the sushi! wah..damn nice.

The following day, I woke up kinda late and jsern brought me to downtown after I woke up around noon. We went to Chinatown again to eat lunch and this time, we managed to witness the Chicago Marathon 2008. My bro said it was live on astro. wow...

We went to Joy Yee noodle instead of Penang that day. The food was also nice. :) We went back right after that and waited for Dave who was still running for the marathon, to fetch me. When he called me, he was already very exhausted and I drove home that night. We arrived Purdue around 9.07pm - 2 hours drive. What an enjoyable trip!

p/s I'll blog more about Chicago Downtown in the next post!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Name

I just got back from my Physics Lab, had a sort of a 'LOL' conversation with my American TA.

When my groupmates and I finished with our group work, we called our TA for checkpoints. Then, when he was about to give us the points for it after answering all the questions correctly, he saw my name of the list. He asked "which one of you guys is Batholomew?

Without hesitation, I said it's me!

The TA smiled, and said "oooh, I always see this name whenever I want to key in all the marks in the student's gradebook and I didn't know it was you. I didn't know you're asian.."

I grinned and said, "Haha...why? Does it sound like someone from Portugal?"

"No, it sounds like someone from Chicago", he said.

So, I replied him," wait...what? Chicago? Definitely no...well, my name was supposed to be Bartholomew but the nurse made a mistake, so I was named Batholomew instead of Bartholomew"

He jokingly asked, " Are you serious? Was that the nurse from Northern Chicago?...oh well, how if the nurse made it something offensive?"

well...I could sue the nurse...hmmm


he came to my group for the second time and wanted to joke with me about this.

"hmm...So, the 'R' still on your mind?", "I was just wondering how could the nurse made mistake on your name?"

LOL man...