Saturday, August 30, 2008

New semester, new apartment, new room...the start of something new

The Fall 2008 semester has just started and the first week of it just ended.

The first week of the semester was alright...(Life is getting tougher week after week *sigh*)

I'm staying in a new apartment this semester, not a very luxurious but comfortable place to stay I would say. It's just few blocks away from Electrical Engineering building, where most of my classes are there. So, it's kinda convenient for me to walk or cycle there or maybe it's not a need to cycle there. I can actually walk to class 5 minutes before the class or lecture actually starts.

This is actually the living room and kitchen of my apartment. It was kinda in a mess when I reached. Now, it's clean!

Yeah, this is my one and only room! Ignore the sonic and the bull doll...:P I got those from Florida and I have no place to put those dolls at.Haha...

Well...I guess I'm gonna beautify my room and apartment soon. Now, the apartment is still lack of telly and sofas. We shall get them soon.

I seriously gonna enjoy all the semesters ahead. 3 more years to go!

Happy 51st birthday, Malaysia!

Monday, August 4, 2008


After staying here for almost three months, finally, the time has come.

Time for me to get back to my normal life...

No, it doesn't mean I'm having an abnormal life here.

I have been doing nothing since I came back. I did nothing important during this summer other than learning chinese (really :P), meeting old friends and spending some quality time with family and relatives.

I'm leaving in less than a week...