Wednesday, February 13, 2008

CNY celebration

Before I post my New York journey, I blog about the CNY celebration over here first. CNY here was not that bad. Although I had classes going on during the first day of CNY, I should be grateful because some of my friends had exams that night.

First day of CNY in Malaysia was on Thursday but we had the first day of CNY on Friday. So, that night, a bunch of my friends and I went to Ford Dining Hall to eat some chinese foods. That night was indeed awesome. We had different kinds of chinese foods like dumplings, sausage n shrimp fried rice, pau(walau eh...PAU u know? long time didnt eat ady) and dim sum SUMMORE. :) I really had a scrumptious dinner that night and it was the best ever dinner since the first day I came here.

Alright, that isn't the main topic I'm telling you guys.

I went to a CNY celebration dinner hosted by Taiwanese Student Association (TSA) with my friends. It started at 6.30pm and we also had some delicious chinese foods. We had Pork, Beef, sweet and sour chicken (orange chicken) and some 'unknown' vegetables. Like Yikshien, my friends and I also sat in table lucky no8. :).

It was two hours plus long dinner. They had some games and lucky draws. The presents were like scanner, heater, printer, radio and some gift cards and ANGPOWS given by a taiwanese professor in my university.

Yeah...we indeed had a lot of funs!!! but of course, celebrating with family is way better than celebrating over here. haih...I miss getting angpows and visiting relatives and friends. This is the first CNY withOUT angpowss....:( I think I have to bear this for another 3 years.