Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Existence of 'Lisalomew' @ Lisa

This topic has been spreading day by day that even my super damn-close friends and housemates asked me about it. They all were curious and some are still curious about it. They thought that she was my 'girlfriend'. So, I decided to make it clear now.

'Lisalomew' never exist before in my whole life. I have never seen someone by the name of 'Lisalomew'. As most of my friends know, the name 'Lisalomew' is 'derived' from my name. It was all started by my friend, J, who 'sms'ed me while I was still on holidays early May. I was shocked to receive messages from her since it had been a long time since we last 'sms'ed. Below are our messages. ( I have deleted those messages in my handphone. This is roughly how our messages were like)

J: Happy Birthday, Lisa!

B: huh? Wad happen to u, J? Liddat oso can send wrong msg ar? How's life so far?

J: Life's here ok bout u in KL? Did I send wrong msg? I don think so.

B: Yala. I'm not even Lisa. By the way, who's Lisa? Is it the twin, Lisa, our senior? How's ur studies there? (digressing)

J: Huh? but..but..Lisa told me she used this no. oo..So, who are you then?

B: wat the..I hv been using this no. since early last year. I oso msged u using this no. last year...n u still ask me who i am? actually, who's Lisa? the twin is it?

J: Yala. the twin that u know, Lisa. u havent told me who u r oo...sorry la..

B: oh, Lisa ar...aduuhhh...u really dont know who I am ? we have been frens for few years ady lo...

J: Sorry la..I forgot ma..I really dono la...can gimme hint?? :P

B: still need hint ar?? walau eh...okla...I'm ur exclassmate in smkbtu la...

J: who?? I had many exlassmates in smkbtu..who?

B: wat the...still dono?? I'm the fren of Johnny...

J: oh...bat??

B: yala...wat the...u really didnt know me just now ar??

J: yala..i thought Lisa used this hp no...


Then, we continued messaging till she stopped. :).

So, fellow comrades, I really hope you all won't get misunderstood by the name 'Lisalomew @ Lisa' because she does not even exist. Please...believe me! Everyone does mistakes right?? I don't blame J actually.

p/s: J, I think I'm doing the right thing, am I? Hehe..

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Rumah Hope

Time for me to flash back what I did in last semester...

The day after my final exam, which was on Wednesday, a bunch of Ethics class students including me went for a trip to Rumah Hope, which was organized by my Ethics lecturer. You guys must have been wondering about this 'rumah'.

After few hours in the 'rumah', I went out the 'rumah' to have a look around and I saw something very interesting.

A boy is doing breakdance. We call him FU.

Soon after watching the so-called performance by FU, I went to the playground to see some of my friends playing with those kids. My friends really know how to treat kids well although the kids are undeniably mischievous. :P

However, while I was wandering around in the 'rumah', I saw a kid sitting and leaning against the wall by himself. He looked pity. So, I decided to approach him. I sat beside him and here goes our conversation.

Me: Hi, what's ur name?

Kid: ...

Me: *blur*. what's ur name?

Kid: May I play your handphone's game?

Me: Yes, sure but before that, may I take a photo with you?

Kid: ...

Me: (He didn't say anyting so, I assumed that he agreed)

Kid: Game

Me: Alright, here you go.

After 15++ minutes, he was still using my handphone to play game...

Me: Sorry, bro. I have to go and meet my friends now. I need my handphone.


Me: I'm really sorry. Maybe next time, alright? (I smiled at him and went out to meet my friends)

When I thought back, I should have let him play longer. I felt guilty. We were there for about 4 hours or probably less than that. Most of the activities were somehow exciting which made most of the kids there looked energetic. The kids were contented to receive presents from us. :)

When it was the time to say goodbye, FU came to me and said "thank you for coming ya. Next time, come again." I said "okay". His words really touched my heart. I was wondering "When would I be coming here again?". I just don't want them to feel hurt. I'm sorry.

So, guys, can you guess what is 'Rumah Hope' ? Tell me if you know.

Saturday, May 5, 2007


I am writing this blog while waiting for my friend, Ian to pick me up from Cendana. I really thank God that someone has finally agreed to help me up in moving those stuffs and thanks,Ian!. This is the day which I really hate most - moving. I really despise moving from one place to another with lots of bulky things with you. Somemore I am from the Land of Borneo and not local here in West Malaysia; this makes it hard for me to move all those bags.

Till now, I still could not comprehend why 'they 'ask us to move to Cemara. I heard some people said 'they' want the juniors to move to Cendana. Why??? Let me list up the advantages and disavantages staying in Cendana and Cemara.

Advantages staying in Cendana

Peaceful - Police station nearby
Free internet service (I’m using it now)

Advantages staying in Cemara

Easy to buy necessities - Giant, 7-eleven, etc.
Has a variety of foods – mamak and malay stalls, kfc, Mcd, etc.
Easy to withdraw $$$ - Maybank, CIMB bank, etc.

Disadvantages staying in Cendana

You have only 4 choices of places to eat – Dawood, Aida, “Indon”, Syukur.
You have one petrol station, 7-eleven, and 2 shops to buy your necessities.
You have one CIMB atm machine in Petronas petrol station.

Disadvantage staying in Cemara

Not as clean as Cendana - Most people say that
Not as peaceful as Cendana - many vehicles around
You have to pay for the wireless internet connection.

I love this pathway

I'm gonna miss this place, man.

So, this is basically how my former hostel looks like. You can know how I feel when moving to Cemara right now...

Friday, May 4, 2007

Doubtful Test

Create your own Friend Test here

Try and take this test. Even though it seems doubtful, just take it. Try your "luck" ,man. All the best!

Thursday, May 3, 2007


I know it's kinda weird posting the title of my first blog - "Farewell". Though, it's indeed depressing to let go something or someone whom you have been with for a period of time. Being INTEC student, sometimes, I feel contented indeed especially studying together with those brainy lads and not to mention the exquisite and serene hostel "Cendana".

Beautiful Cendana

My first impression was like "what the heck, this is totally sux, man. BIG TIME". Now, as the time flies, I have found the "real and authentic" feeling staying in Cendana. As the Spring semester ended last week, my friends and I were asked to move to another hostel "Cemara" where we were supposed to stay initially. What does this mean? Farewell. My roommates and I had been roommates for like more than half a year; I have known them quite well that sometimes, I really felt hard to "say goodbye". Because...

They are really FUNNY!

Aiman a.k.a Ah Lai - the funniest...He looks like Chinese, doesn't he? No offence, Ah Lai!

Safwan (Left) - genius lad
Nazri(right) - now in KYUEM - UK bound student(2nd genius)

Mujahid - 3rd genius. Computer genius. He has indeed helped me and my roommates in "deleting" viruses and not to mention C++. computer engineering student. Cool...

And two other roommates - Tan Jay Sern and Bu Chuin Siang(a.k.a BUBU)...I don't have their photos right now. So, I'll post them soon...Those two geniuses moved to my room early January (Spring Semester) and I was so glad because they helped me so much.

...Finally, the Spring semester is over. Summer "holiday" starts soon! Holiday???...