Friday, May 23, 2008

Home Sweet Home

After a freaking long journey crossing the Pacific Ocean, I finally arrived Malaysia. Spending two days in Genting Highland and two days in KL, I'm now back in Bintulu. It's like a small world, from 8000++ miles away from Sarawak and now, I'm here on Borneo Island.

The 13 hours and 40 minutes flight from San Francisco to Hong Kong was tiring. All I did were sleeping, eating, playing my PSP, etc. Sitting on the plane for that frigging long hours was really dreadful experience for me!

When I arrived Hong Kong at 6 in the morning, it was already very sunny and bright in HK (like Msia's 9-10am). HKIA was great, cool with free WiFi-internet access and as big as KLIA. As soon as I arrived HKIA, I went out from the arrival hall to terminal E1 to get my boarding pass for my next flight to KL. My friends waited for me in the arrival hall. Considering that I would be back to meet them up after getting my boarding pass, I asked my friends' help to take care of my two hand carry bags while I'm out to get my boarding pass.

After dealing with some fussy HK ticketing officers, I finally got my boarding pass and went to the arrival hall through the exit again. I knew I wasn't supposed to enter through that exit but I just screwed it. "Sir, I'm sorry, you can't enter. This is the arrival exit."...."yeah, I know that. I'm just gonna meet my friends and take my bags from them"..."I'm can' have to make your way to the departure hall"...fine...

I went to the departure hall and went through all the security checks. After that, I tried to find ways to get into the arrival hall. As far as I know, I could actually get into the arrival hall when I enter the departure hall. However, I still could not find my way to the arrival hall after walking up and down the elevators and escalators. My last resort: I went to ask the security and she said there is no way I could get to the arrival hall from here. I told her I left my bags there and she said the only way I could get there was to contact my airline...wat the....

Screw it...I went to check my friend's next flight to KL. It was at terminal 62 and my terminal was 27. Thus, I walked all the way from terminal 27 to 62 and waited for my friends at the terminal. I decided to switch on my phone regardless of how pricey the international roaming was and called my friend. I told them to meet me at their terminal...I wasted my 2 hours in HKIA already and I'm very sure this month phone bill would be damn high...:(

When I met them at the terminal, I got back my two bags. I felt guilty because they had to carry my bags from the arrival hall to the terminal. I'm really sorry...

When my friends proceeded to their plane, I went to terminal 27 and I was told that the flight that I was about to take was delayed due to some technical probs. Damn...had to wait for another half an hour...So, MH075 flew to at 9.45am. Though, I was satisfied with the food on the plane....Nasi Lemak :) for my lunch...LOL

As MH075/CX1728 flight from Hong Kong landed on KLIA runway, my heart thumping wildly. After a while, the flight attendant made an announcement in Malay and then in English, "Kita telah pun tiba di Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur, kepada penumpang dari luar negara, Selamat datang...kepada penumpang dari Malaysia, Selamat Pulang ke tanah air..." The feeling was awesome! I'm BACK HOME! I felt like wana shout on the plane. Quoting TE, the feeling was like " hugging all the Malaysians at the airport ", "Bang, saye dah balik"

It was great to meet family again after 9 months. Due to Jetlag, I slept early for the past few nights and woke up early for the pst few mornings. I didn't enjoy much in Genting though. I spent most of my time sleeping in the room.

My family n I flew back to Bintulu on Sunday, one day before Wesak Day. Now, I'm resting at home and I'm looking forward to meet more friends when they are back...:)

Johnny called me for breakfast when I was still sleeping at 9.30am this morning. He brought me Parkcity Mall top floor to eat. Nice eating first time! then, he brought me to our high school to see how's the band doing. Felt elated to see them all again! Really miss my high school much...

The reason why I'm back??? Ask Alice...lazy to type here...:P

Thursday, May 1, 2008

I'm NOT a freshman, NOT YET a sophomore

I had my last final exam, which was microeconomics, yesterday. The feeling is great. I had been waiting for this moment since January 2008 and finally, it has come!

Really can't wait to go back and eat my favorite food, Kolo Mee...

It has almost been one year since I last ate Kolo Mee...OMG!!!

But the bad thing is...

I have to endure the pain of being on the plane for 22 hours...flying from Indianapolis-Chicago-San Francisco-Hong Kong-KUL

Wah...It would be awesome if I could just sleep for 22 hours on the plane. Cause when I wake up, I would be in my homeland!!! wooohhoo...Kolo mee, see you there!