Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year 2009!

Happy New Year 2009!

I went for a new year countdown in Navy Pier, Chicago. The new year celebration was normal, nothing unusual. I expected something more grand like what I had when I was in Times Square, NY.

Now, I'm back at home; home in Indiana. I arrived here around 5 in the morning. We started our journey at 2.30am.

Before we went for the countdown there, we first went to the Chicago downtown for a new year shopping! The downtown was full of lights and decoration. damn nice!

And while I was waiting for my friend to check out, I saw this one girl who went shopping with a.......with her!

yeah! it's a wheelchair! She put those clothes that she wanted to buy on the wheelchair instead of a cart...kam tou tak! =.='

then, after shopping for few hours, we walked to navy pier, which is not far from the downtown since most of the shops closed early on new year's eve. The Navy Pier looked nice from far.

As soon as I arrived my house, I knew I should check my mailbox cos I had been a week plus I hadn't checked. Yeah, there were lotsa letters- my bills, bank statements and etc.

I was surprised to see this...

But I didn't laugh...:P Haha, yea, I knew those were from Joyce.

I received two letters/cards from her. I knew one of them should be a Christmas card but what about the second one?

When I opened it, I lol-ed...

I got a Christmas card and a Chinese New Year cards from her. She gave me an Angpow, with RM1 in it. lolzzz...:P got married already; is that the reason why you can give me angpow?:p

Thanks alot! I really appreciate it! At least, I won't feel lonely with the cards I received on New Year.

Let me see...what can I buy with the RM1 here? a candy perhaps? :P

And oh ya...she wrote all the wishes in Chinese...let me tell you guys, For the first time in my life, I know and understand every single characters she wrote on the card., damn proud of myself:P thanks to my auntie who taught me chinese during the summer and Chinese class I took last semester really helped alot!

I'm gonna take chinese again next semester! yeah-mon!