Sunday, December 28, 2008

Jamaica Day 2 and Day 3

On the second day, we went for a tour around the resort. The resort that I stayed wasn't that big but it has alot of things to see.

And this is our room entrance...

That night, we went to a Japanese restaurant (I forgot what it's called). The Jamaican chef really cooked real nice food.

and yeah, I also went scuba-diving but didn't manage to go into the sea. :( ended up in the pool. lolzz...I took photo with my 'teacher'

I really had fun there...though I'm leaving on Christmas Day. I realized that many people married on that day in the resort itself. Maybe it's a nice spot.

If I were to choose a place for honeymoon, this would definitely be my second choice...not that bad right lolzz...

It's a nice place...If I could, I would bring my own family for a vacation here...

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Jamaica Day 1

* I came back from Jamaica on the 25th Dec, and so this means I celebrated Christmas on the plane. We reached North Carolina, US around 5.15pm because of flight delay in Montego Bay, Jamaica and my connecting flight to Chicago was at 5.45pm. We were late and couldn't manage to fly on time, but luckily we managed to get the next flight to Chicago at 8.20pm - will tell more about this in the next post *

As I have already mentioned before, I went to Jamaica for the winter break. In case some of you guys might not know where Jamaica is, let me show you...

It's located at the Carribean Sea in South America, besides Puerto Rico and Cuba. If you guys wana know more about Jamaica, go wiki Jamaica

We flew to Jamaica at 5.45am from Chicago and transit in Atlanta for a few minutes - flight from Chicago got delayed but luckily we managed to fly to Jamaica on time. There was a slight problem before the plane actually took off. I managed to get my seat on plane and was expecting the plane to take off anytime soon...

Without realizing it, I was asleep on the plane and when I woke up, I opened my eyes widely and looked outside the window. It looked weird.

Yea, when I woke up, I was still in Chicago. No...I wasn't dreaming! I was still on the plane and that freaking plane had not flown yet!

We were on the plane for almost 45mins for goodness sake and I was still in Chicago. The flight attendant then made an announcement that they were having problem with the luggages in the kargo. So, I assume it wasn't a big deal.

It took off after one hour.

Luckily this time, when I woke up, I finally reached Atlanta which was a freaking 2 hours flight. I woke up and ran real quick to the terminal where I should be boarding. This time we were considered really lucky because we didn't miss the flight to Jamaica. So, off, we flew to Montego Bay that took us 3 hours from Atlanta.

As soon as we reached there, we went for immigration checking and changed our money at the currency exchange. Actually I didn't know that we can actually use US dollar in Jamaica instead of Jamaican Dollar.

We stayed in Sandal's Dunn River Golf & Spa resort which is 1 hour and 30 mins drive from Sangster International Airport, Montego Bay. It sounds like Gangster to me.

Then, we boarded a bus to our resort. On the way to the resort, I could feel like I'm at home; home in Bintulu.

The road, the cars, the weather, the beaches...

But of course, the Jamaicans look different than those in Bintulu. They are more 'tanned' =) Jamaicans speak English. It's their national language. So, I didn't find it hard to talk and do some 'business' with the Jamaicans. Oh ya, in Jamaica, thye drive on the left - like Malaysia!

When we reached the resort after an hour plus, we checked in and got ourselves a nice room. Oh ya, that night was a bit special. Every Monday, in the resort, they have this dinner buffet along the beach. Nice-r!

* will tell ya'll what I did on the second day in the next post - Merry Christmas!*

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dave's graduation

I'm writing this post in Chicago O'hare Airport while waiting for my next flight to Jamaica at 5.45am later. I'm writing blog to keep myself awake until I manage to get my seat on the plane...then I could sleep during the long hours flight to Jamaica.

Anticipating for this trip...never been to south america before:)

Well, before I left for the break, I still managed to attend dave's graduation ceremony. Dave was my RA when I stayed in McCutcheon Hall last semester. He graduated after 4 years here in Purdue-majoring in Industrial Engineering.

The photos below were taken in Elliot Hall of Music where the graduation ceremony took place.

The ceremony was 2 hours long- from 2.30pm until 4.30pm. Then, we went to Engineering Foundation which is in front of the Hovde Hall to take photos with this 'train'- I donno how they call this..

The girl standing besides him is his sister coming all the way from Singapore to attend his graduation and his brother who came all the way from Seattle.

As you can see in all the photos, I wore only two layers of clothes and it was -18 degree celsius!!! I felt like my ears were going to drop anytime...and this gay-just graduated guy came and hug me...lolzz...

Then, I left early because I need to rush to go to airport...

p/s Dave, see ya again next year...enjoy ur break in Seattle!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Of the lab practical exam and Dead week

I'm writing this just after the Electronic measurement technique lab practical exam II...

Everything went well...

And you know the "sibeh awesome" feeling when you were the first one to walk out from the lab practical exam...and it was like walking up to the sky...I seldom had this sort of feeling...It was a long time since I last had this awesome feeling.

Like you know...the feeling of getting the measurements correctly...somemore the percentage error of the experimental and expected values and graph were less than 0.3%...very accurate:P

There were two "guai lou" sitting besides me...They had these "sort of weird" graph in their oscilloscope display...and they went banging the table, cursing some foul words...I was like "okayy...take it easy man.."

Actually, it reminded me of my first Lab Practical exam two months ago...I screwed it up because of one stupid and unforgivable mistake...and I also went like cursing the power supply...that particular day, I really felt like kicking some people arses...leaving the lab with anger

After I was done with the two problems in Lab practical exam, I didn't leave immediately...I stood there arranging my resistors, op-amp, wires...into my kit...slowly...:P

I was expecting some people to leave after I finished arranging those...but none...

okay...I left first...

Well...there goes my last ECE207 lab and also my last practical exam for the year and so-called my first final exam...

This week is my dead week...tomorrow would be my last project due...then I'm all ready for finals man..and off to South America! yea...rock it man..

Monday, December 8, 2008

In response to Mr. SmallKKJ's blog

I'm writing this in response to Mr. SmallKKJ's latest post in his blog.

It's funny to read his post...

Very funny like him...

He wanted to study and do his lab report last night but ended up talking crap with me in adrian's house for more than 30 mins...

He sort of dragging me 'verbally' to adrian's house to do work but it's all right because he helped me in chinese essay...LOL

He asked me to go McD with him but I refused because it was kinda late...haha...funny guy...

But at least he studied in library until 3.30am...if not, I would have killed him...but Mr. SmallKKJ, you really studied until 3.30am??

teh, you're the funniest guy on this planet.

Monday, November 24, 2008

It finally snowed...

These are the views from my window. :D

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Twin??? Not at all!

I went to my friend, wirya's house for a birthday party last Monday night. It was kinda funny feeling when I went there because they were all indos and I was the only Msian.

Well, that was not about it.

What happened that night besides the birthday celebration was one of the most interesting and the funniest things happened in my life. *grin*

Most of the Indos here have been talking about me and this guy who resembles me. They said we both look alike. They told me before but I had never seen this guy in person before until that night...

Well, I wasn't shocked when I met him because from the moment I saw him, I knew that he doesn't even look like me! Not At All! Come on guys!

I can't figure out any physical similarities between us...

Okay...Now, tell me how on earth could we be alike?! Tell me, guys!

Sunday, November 9, 2008


This is my first post of this month.

Apparently, I have been so busy with assignments, projects, reports and reviews since early of the month. I just had Physics exam last Monday and I have 3 freaking exams next week - Chinese, Differential Equations, and Linear Circuit Analysis. DE exam on Monday and the other 2 exams on Tuesday.

Thanksgiving break is coming soon. Haven't planned to go anywhere yet - might be going to Chicago for a day trip again! :D

Come on, I need a break!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Chicago Downtown

Okay, I donno what she did there.

Anyway, that was actually my 5th time to Chicago but my 2nd time to Chicago downtown though.

This is one of the tall buildings in downtown.

And you know what, I was so 'sakai' that I took these photos below.

I still remember there was one computer game that I always played when I was still in high school. It was a racing game I guess and the game has like this kinda bridge. In the game, whenever I see this bridge, I would just drive up. hehe...'s going down now...

And I saw spiderman too!!!

It was just a worker...

I went to Sears Tower too...didn't go up to the building though...the building was once known as the tallest building in the world.

Lastly, I took this photo in Chinatown...I'm Dragon!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fall Break!!!

I went to Chicago for the Fall break. I drove there together with 5 of my friends on Friday afternoon. We departed around 4pm Eastern Time and arrived Chicago around 7pm Central time. One of my friends, David, wanted to take his Chicago Marathon ticket, so he rented a SUV that day and I got the chance to drive SUV to Chicago!

After Dave took his Chicago Marathon ticket, we went to eat Chinese Food in CHINATOWN!!! That's the highlight of the day!

Nice food! That was in Penang restaurant, the only Malaysian Restaurant in Chicago Chinatown.

Then, we drove to Navy Pier, Chicago's lakefront playground. It's a tourist attraction in Chicago and it's near to Lake Michigan. There is fireworks display every 9pm this fall.

Then, dave drove back to Purdue that night as well after I dropped myself in vince's apartment in South Lake Shore. Vince and Jsern's apartment is awesome! looks like a hotel to me...

with a queen size bed each! people:P

The next day, we went to chicago downtown in the morning, sent Juliana to train station but she ended up missing the train. LOLness. She changed the ticket to noon and after that, we went to millenium park to chill.

After Juliana went off to michigan by train, vince and I went to chinatown to have our lunch in Penang, a Malaysian restaurant. When we reached chinatown, there was a function and I didn't know what day it was until I saw this...

Yea! It was the taiwan(republic of china)'s national day. what a coincidence!

We planned to go to Field Museum right after that but we ended up going back to vince's apartment because I was abit headache - woke up too early lah! That night, we went to a Japanese restaurant nearby vince's apartment and I enjoyed eating the sushi! wah..damn nice.

The following day, I woke up kinda late and jsern brought me to downtown after I woke up around noon. We went to Chinatown again to eat lunch and this time, we managed to witness the Chicago Marathon 2008. My bro said it was live on astro. wow...

We went to Joy Yee noodle instead of Penang that day. The food was also nice. :) We went back right after that and waited for Dave who was still running for the marathon, to fetch me. When he called me, he was already very exhausted and I drove home that night. We arrived Purdue around 9.07pm - 2 hours drive. What an enjoyable trip!

p/s I'll blog more about Chicago Downtown in the next post!