Monday, September 14, 2009

Mike's Crab House, Maryland

I covered three states during my last trip to Washington DC. We went to Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland.

One of the best parts during the trip was the food. David, my friend who worked in Maryland brought us to eat dim sum in a restaurant not far from DC. The dim sum were awesome!

We also drove to Virginia to try Korean foods. There is like a korea-town in Virginia. It's like one whole row of korean restaurants and shops along the highway. It was good but I prefer the Dim Sum though because we can hardly communicate with one of the waitress who speak little English.

That night, we went to eat Crabs. Yea, I don't eat Seafood. The place we went is called Mike's Crab House. It's a very nice and romantic place. Bro, next time bring Florence here, alright?

I didn't eat the Crabs though. I ordered Salmon Fish instead. When I looked at my friends eating Crabs, it really made me think of my family. My parents and brother like Crabs very much. So as my uncle. They will definitely eat Crabs if they go to Miri.

Dang it...this pic makes me think of my family.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Washington DC

The White House

The WWII monument

Still remember transformer? This is the blackbird transformer.

The US capitol

The White House(front view)

Transformer in the museum.


Love this car man...

White House(back view)

p/s Recently I lost the will to update my blog. classes started like 2 weeks ago. and the best thing is I dont have class on Tuesday.