Friday, April 25, 2008

Tagged by Alice

1.Real name => Batholomew
2.Nickname => Bat, Betho, Batho
3.Married => No
4.Male or Female => male
5.Highschool => Bintulu
6.College => INTEC
7.Short or long hair => Short
8.Are you a health freak => No
9.Height => 5' 8''
10.Do you have a crush on someone =>Yes
11.Do you like yourself => Yes
12.Piercings => 0
13.Righty or Lefty => Lefty

14. First surgery => None
15. First piercing(s) =>0
16. First person you see in the morning => My roommate
17. First award => Kindy
18. First sport you joined => can't remember...
19. First pet => dog
20. First vacation => can't remember...
21. First concert => can't remember...

23. Eating => Nothing
24. Drinking => Nothing
25. I'm about to => sleep

26. Want kids => yes, boy and girl
27. Want to get married => er..
28. Careers in mind => Electrical Engineer, Aero...

29. Lips or eyes => eyes
30. Hugs or kisses => hugs
31. Shorter or taller => taller
32. Romantic or spontaneous => romantic
33. Sensitive or loud => loud
34. Trouble maker or hesitant => trouble maker

35. Kissed a stranger => no
36. Drank bubbles => huh?
37. Lost glasses/contacts => no
38. Ran away from home => no
39. Liked someone younger => dono..
40. Liked someone older => yes
41. Broken someone's heart => yes
42. Been arrested => no
43. Cried when someone died => can't remember...
44. Liked a friend => Yeah

45. Yourself => I think so
46. Miracles => sometimes
47. Heaven => yeah
48. Santa claus => maybe?? LOL
49. Angels => yeah

50. Is there one person you want to be with right now => yes
51. Do you believe in God => yes
52. Tag 5 people => BigBro, yikshien, Jsern, Karen and Ming Kai

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dead Week and Finals

This week is the dead week...

the week of stress, stress and stress...

I have three final exams this semester and everything will be over in less than a week from now.

Right now, I just feel like wana get this semester over and go back to my homeland. I wana go back and get back my own life; come back here and starts fresh.

Hope everything's going smoothly...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Random stuffs...

A week ago, I drove to Indianapolis to bring Adrian for a post-surgery check up in Methodist Hospital. He had the surgery during the Spring Break week and I kinda miss the car that I drove during the Spring Break because the 4WD was indeed cool! I LIKE! :P

It's a 4WD Mercury. Adrian rented it for 200USD for two days.

Well, I'm glad that the surgery went smoothly and now, his left knee is getting better.

Alright...that's not the main point...

After I brought him to the medical check up in Shelbourne Clinic, I got hungry and decided to get some Chinese foods nearby. We eventually found one Chinese restaurant nearby, China Hong Kong Buffet. Thanks to the GPS. As I drove along, we saw White Castle!!! LMAO...

This is another version of "Harold and Kumar go to White Castle"..."Adrian and Bat go to White Castle"

For some who don't get it, "Harold and Kumar go to White Castle" is actually a movie.

When we entered, we saw a lot of African Americans eating and even the workers were African Americans. That's why it was kinda awkward when we entered. The burgers were delicious although they were kinda small in size. I like it.

We then went to Macy's in Indianapolis. Walked for a while before went back to Purdue.


A few weeks ago, the officers from Ministry of Education Malaysia and chancellors from UM, UKM, UPM, USM, and UiTM came to my university to have a dinner with the Malaysian students here in Purdue. Actually, they came to USA for some educational tour or something (if I'm not mistaken). They also came to see our newly build Discovery Park in my university.

We had a dinner with them at Rawls Hall around 8pm. They also gave a presentation about some education thingie.


Microeconomics exam just over yesterday and I was kinda glad that I kinda did well in it. Winter has over and Spring is here...There are no more...

No more SNOW

Spring semester is going to end soon...Counting my days back to MALAYSIA...Kolo mee, Kampua mee, Bak kut teh... here I come :D