Friday, September 28, 2007

Life In United States

After a dreadful journey (21 hours in flight), I finally arrived at my destination.

People have been asking me about my life here in the USA ever since I arrived here. So, let me tell u guys briefly about my experience here after my 6th week in US.

During the first week of class, as usual, we were to introduce ourselves to all our classmates. It was quite enjoyable for me because we only had to introduce ourselves and the TA- explaining our course description. Right after that, we left the classes without homework. Yeah, that's one of the happiest week of my life.

Though, most of my classmates still have problem enunciating my name. Some of them called me "Bentolomew", "Bindolomew", "Bart (Simpson)", "Budurlomew" and the list goes on. A Taiwanese girl who was sitting behind me in class called me "Bodohlomew". I was so shocked because she said I'm 'bodoh'. I don't understand why they can only pronounce '-lomew' correctly. Hmmm...When ever I want to buy my favorite "Hot Chocolate" in Starbucks, they will surely spell my name wrongly.

During weekend, the Americans usually have partys. Some of them start partying on Thursday night. I can hear them laughing and listen to many kind of 'sounds' when I cycle at night and even when I'm in the room *blushing*. During weekend, I usually wake up late and do my laundry in the afternoon. What is nice about weekend here is American Football matches among universities in USA. This Saturday would be the match between Purdue and Ohio State. Blackout!

I just finished three exams- Calculus II, Chemistry and Engineering Problem Solving & Computer Tools - last week. The exams were fine for me except for engineering exam. Anyway, next week would be Fall Break. Two days only though. I am still glad to have holidays as it's kinda hard to 'unwind' myself during weekdays. We are all going to Michigan City during the Fall Break which is located at Northern Indiana. There, we would buy our winter clothings and stuffs.

The upcoming holidays would be 'Halloween' and 'Thanksgiving Day' which I am really looking forward to those holidays. Halloween, which lasts for only one day, falls at the end of October (October 31st) and Thanksgiving Day (in November) lasts for a week! Yeah!

I shall update my news with you guys soon. Take care!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Land Of Opportunity (Part 4- Indianapolis Airport)

Finally,at 9.35am, we arrived in Indianapolis, an hour drive from my university. It was actually not a big airport. (like Bintulu Airport althought it is international airport). When we all settled our luggages and all, we expected our seniors to arrive in the airport to fetch us up. But, they still didn't show up. We tried calling them a few times but no one answered.

So, we waited for like an hour. We decided to go to university by limousine. When we were about to book, the seniors just arrived. They said there was a problem with the car. So........

Anyway, we booked a limousine and waited again for few minutes. At 12pm, we departed from the airport to the university. As I mentioned earlier, it took for about an hour.

The 'small van' was quite small. As you can see in the photo below...

it was fullly packed with all of our bags...hmmm...

1pm: Arrived Purdue University. :)

Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Land of Opportunity (Part 3- Chicago O'hare Airport)

We arrived Chicago at around 5.30am. I was so hungry by the time I reached there. So, I went to buy a burger in McDonalds.

Chicago O'hare airport is more or less like Los Angeles's.

At 7.00am, we prepared ourselves for the next destination, INDIANAPOLIS!!!

Before that, we had a group photo-taking. I was the one who took the photo. So, I'm in it. :(

Then, we boarded the plane and I was shocked because the plane that we boarded was a fokker. yea..It was small. It was supposed to be an hour flight but it only took less than half an hour to arrive Indianapolis International Airport. We arrived Indianapolis at 9.25am (GMT -5) 15th August 2007.