Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Meeting in Kuching

I arrived Kuching from KL around 1.30pm on Monday. It was quite a tiring journey travelling from the East to the West in 3days. I went to the West on Saturday (celebrating my birthday on the plane) and went to East 2days after.

Once I reached my house in Kuching, I went straight to my room and lied on my comfy bed. Nice sleep! Around 3-4pm, I received a call from my friend, Alice. Her voice was flat. I was abit curious. She must have changed alot, I thought. Kekeke...

She said, she was in the library. Oh..ok..:) LOL!

So, at 6pm, my parents and I went to Batu Lintang to fetch Johnny the Bravo a.k.a Future Great Teacher John. Johnny has indeed changed alot! You can see his face later in the photo! He has become handsomer and teacher-like face. Wakaka...

After that, my father drove us to Kota Samarahan to pick up Joyce at IPTAR. Her institute is quite secluded and the buildings there are more ............. (joyce, u know la hoh). We then went to Pizza Hut in Jalan Song nearby Alice's house because we weren't sure where to go. So, we sat there, ordered, basically, we talked alot. Hehehe...

As you can see in photos below,

apparently, Johnny has become more handsome(nice hairstyle), fairer and undeniably, thinner(Johnny, u got stress kah?). Though, the guy sitting beside Johnny in the photo has become uglier day by day. :( in the photo, it seems like I'm shorter le...hmm..

The two pretty girls,Alice (left) and Joyce (right), are getting prettier too.Hehe...And what I had noticed, Alice smiled a lot. Don't why but yea, she is becoming more cheerful. LOL!

After finished eating, we went out and strolled around the area, looking around, enjoying the fresh Kuching air,entering shops without buying anything.

Finally, we ended up sitting outside a coffee shop, ordering drinks because it seemed like going to rain soon. At 2130, we went back because Johnny had to go back early to prepare for his debate the next day. Alice brought Johnny back and my father and I brought Joyce back to IPTAR. Overall, it was quite fun but although we only met for a while, I'm glad to meet you all....:). We shall meet again.........................

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The pitiful animal

When I was watching news on television last night, something caught my attention.


hmm...I still don't understand why did they say like that...or probably I saw wrongly???

Monday, July 16, 2007


Yesterday morning, I went to my 'old' and 'gargantuan' school with my friend, Eng Ann to get my SPM certificate. Simultaneously, I went to meet my friends and teachers. I kinda miss the time when I 'fool'ed around in the school and attended the classes from 7am till 1.20pm. I even forgot when the recess time was till one of my friends told me.

Once we reached school around 9.30am, we went to Counselling room but the counselor, Amanda was busy talking to a student's father. So, Eng Ann and I went to look for Form6 class which most of our ex-classmates are there. We didn't know where the class is initially but we managed to ask a friend of mine about the class's whereabouts. We were kinda elated to see some of our friends but the bad thing was the recess time is only 15mins and we couldn't manage to talk for long. They had to leave for the next class in the lab.

Then, we went to the counsellor room again. This time, she was still busy but not talking to the same person. She was having a meeting with the prefects-to-be. She saw us at first and asked us to wait for her. Thus, we waited for like 10-15mins and finally it's over. We were actually sitting in the new counselling room listening to what they were talking about. :P.

The New Counselling Room

When the counselor saw Eng Ann, she was like " wooo...It has been a long time since i last saw u." They were talking in mandarin actually. So, I started speaking Mandarin too. Hehe...The Counselling room is beautiful, isn't it?

We also met Cikgu Lina, my ex-form teacher, Cikgu Su, Cikgu Bong but we didn't talk much though because they were busy i guess. And I couldn't manage to meet my Chemistry teacher! Quite disappointing. Then, we went to see our new library. We met Cikgu Josephine. We chatted for an hour. Basically, we talked about the school and the students here. hmm..interesting!

And we have Cyber Cafe too! Can play games there u know?!!! hmm..I wish I were still the student there. After finished talking, we went to the school hall, Dewan Cenderawasih and we saw our school choir was performing on the stage. woohoo...!

We were too deeply 'engaged' with the performance that we didn't even realize that Cikgu Ting Ling Ling was actually looking at us. So, again, we went to the counselling room and talked to her for 1hour plus. We actually talked until 2pm and went out to meet some friends. We were in the school from 9.30am - 2pm. 4 hours and 30 minutes. Meeting Long lost friends in the 'big' Parkcity Mall.

For those who miss SMKBTU, here are some of the photo of our school...Hehe...

Sorry..2 photos only..hmm..I'll take more photos on my next visit to school ya...


Eng Ann and I were forced by the counselor to meet the school principal. We actually met him in the principal office but I still don't understand the purpose of meeting him though. Basically, we just talked about the students and school cleanliness. The sentence that attracted me was "A school must be a school.".

He also told us about the spirit of "cukup makan" among the society here in Msia and he pointed out that he is still not satisfied with our current school cleanliness. However, Eng Ann and I agreed that there is actually a little bit better than last time. Then, he said "Yala, for both of you, probably ok, but for me, I want more. A school must have a condusive study environment. Like, when I was in Sacred Heart school last time, the air that we, students, breathe is like 'academic' air."

Somemore, he asked me whether there is any improvement in school and asked me something like "...less noise compared to your batch last time, right?". So I answered," yeah.." LOL! Actually, I can't remember much about our conversation with him. That's all I can remember. hmm..

p/s Eng Ann, correct me if I'm wrong.

Sunday, July 15, 2007


For all this while, I had been thinking of something to write about. Finally, I have something to write out of boredom. I really want to thank a good friend of mine for enlighten me plus giving me an idea to write. I really want to thank her! Haha...

This post is about Lisalomew. Remember???

I received texts from my friend, Pen, this evening.

P: Lisalomew. U fall in love with her ady, rite? Hehe...

B: Who is Lisalomew? (hmmm...very innocent)

P: Lisalomew is karen. So sweet your conversation with her..Haha...

B: Huh? wat conversation? Haha...u misunderstood again

P:Gt la..and i din misunderstood at all..tat conversation make me understand sth lor.Haha.

B: Dat one isn't karen. U try to 2 ask karen..Dats not her..Haha, sotong blueberry!

P:Then is who if nt karen? Mind to tell? Haha. Cause i know karen sent birthday wishes to you on the 21 May.

B: So, y u say karen? Lol..wana disturb me izit? Hehe...

P:u gt gf la..if that one nt ur gf, u wnt write bout her in ur blog dy lo. while me and alan jus good fren only. i din write blog also. so cannot prove anything.

B:Probably alan knows..Ask him..Hmmm..Simply say i got gf..U got alan oso dn wana say..

So, yea..That's the interesting part. I just felt quite funny because I didn't know that there is still someone who believes that Lisalomew exists. Hmm...VERY VERY interesting.

People out there, if u guys happen to see Lisalomew or meet her, tell me okay? I'm very anxious to meet her..

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Leaving CEMARA

I checked out and made my clearance in INTEC and CEMARA on the 3rd July and that marked the end of my foundation in INTEC. I'm kinda miss my time with all my friends and roommates.

The photo was taken right after we reached Cemara from Genting. Actually, I have nothing much to update though. I'm gonna travel a lot this month. Pretty exhausted. Just kinda miss my time in INTEC and Cemara with friends.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Genting Trip

Luckily, after the "Pissed Off" incident, I managed to make myself calm in a somewhat cold place. I thought we were going to be late for the 1pm bus but fortunately, we managed to get into the bus on time. We reached there around 2.20pm.

Upon arriving, we went to the counter to book a standard view room. Since it was weekday, so, the room cost for only RM115. Then, we put our bags in the room and had our lunch after that.

After enjoying our cravings, we went to the outdoor theme park. We were lucky because there were only a few people in the theme park.

While walking around the theme park, we saw lots of fish. No food..sorry!

Then, we went to ride the "Flying Dragon". It was not that fast but the turning was quite frightening.

We then tried Cyclone, which I didn't even take photos of that because I have bought the photo from FujiFilm. We went to play Corkscrew. It is like roller coaster ride. Initially, I did not really want to but after being persuaded many times by my friends, I decided to bring it on!

It was totally thrilling. The only thing I knew is my heartbeat was damn fast. I couldn't help but to shout (one of the effective ways to release stress). LOL. Then, we went to play Space Shot, the ride which most people like to brag about. ("Hey, u know wad, I rided this Space Shot many times u know?!) Like I never! But, honestly, it was a real FREE FALL. OMG.

It was already 7pm and the workers there prepared to keep their things up and go back home. It was quite a tiring moment. For your information, we played Cyclone many times in order to take the most perfect photo. yeah!

This is a random shot, taken by my friend. I was feeling very tired that time, sitting down there waiting for my friends.
So, after the enjoyable moment, we went to have a look at the indoor theme park. But we ended up playing snooker. We actually bought 1am tickets to watch Transformer. I can really say that it was indeed a nice movie. Very very exciting. The next day, we woke up at around 10.50am and managed to go back to KL sentral by bus at 12pm. Quite enjoyable!