Thursday, June 25, 2009


People around the world have been talking about A(H1N1) virus aka swine flu and WHO has been updating the number of the cases confirmed. So far, 238 people died because of swine flu.

Well,it isn't a good thing for everyone of course.

But, it's a good thing because somehow I can finally see the true color of people surrounding me. Before I elaborate further, please read this.

I'm pissed off, damn pissed.

People are criticizing the family for spreading the virus to other students. The word 'spreading' is kinda mean there.

11 year old student wana spread virus to other students. Sounds abit funny there too.

What can a 11 year old student know about this virus?

Who wants to be the victim?

Do you want to be infected as well?

Or Do you actually wana ask for it? No right?

Dude, she is only 11 years old. How can you let a very young girl under pressure and mental distress?

If you are in her shoes, how would you feel? Hurt, huh?

I feel pity for this girl and also her family. I really hope she is in good health now. Please stop critisizing them and asking them to apologize because this isn't what they want or expect too.

I'm also back from one of the A(H1N1) affected countries, US. So, what's next? avoiding me?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Summer 2009

There are many reasons why I don't feel like updating my blog.

- I don't have's hard to use the mouse pad.

- there are many things to say that I don't know how to put in words.

- I'm too busy sleeping at home and watching dramas. (after coming back home from work)

well, just to make it short, I enjoyed myself very much in Taiwan 3 weeks ago. thanks to Joy and her parents and also Richard. They really treated us very well.

Teckky and I went to 3 famous night markets in Taipei and they were Raohe Night Market, Shih lin night market and Kee lung night market. I heard that Shih lin is the best.

We also went to National Palace Museum of Taiwan...I'm not sure about the name though but you can check the name of the museum in Air Asia latest magazine on the plane. It was named one of the best or top 10 must-visit places in Asia if I'm not wrong.

We went to the tallest building in the world - Taipei 101 - and it costed me like 400 Taiwan dollars to go up (RM 42.80) and see the whole Taipei...well, what's the point?

Oh ya, We also went to ride horse- joy family's horse...

Richard and Joy then brought us to National Taiwan University, the No.1 university in Taiwan. well, it's quite big if you wana compare with the universities in Msia. But of course students there are more fashionable and cool:P

I actually bought one handbag for my mother and she likes it very much!=) really worth the money...if i tell her the price, she's gonna kill me.

Taiwan is cool and I like it. If it wasn't summer, we would have gone to the hot spring! - teckky's idea...

And yeah, I like my chinese name! BAI FU LAN 白富澜! I'm wondering if I put 'CI' in front of my name and 'JIAO' at the end of it....hmmm...

Johnny: teruk la u ni

Me: macam mana teruk

Johnny: guna nama sendiri untuk foul word.

Me: apa boleh buat...sudah ditakdirkan begini...

(wah, i actually typed in BM...wakakkaa)

Anyway, I will post some photos in the next post. Obviously, I'm abit lazy now. Will post some photos in the next post. Chiowss....