Sunday, May 17, 2009

Indonesian Grad dinner

I'm now waiting for the flight to Taipei, Taiwan at 1.40am. Currently, I'm staying in Sheraton Hotel near Los Angeles Airport.

Heard about the news in Malaysia-2 Students from US were confirmed infected by H1N1 virus. The Health Ministry is now on high alert.

Well, I'm going off to Taiwan soon. Hope everything would be alright.


Went to Indonesian Grad dinner last night. I was in the same table with some of my Indos close friends. It was a great one compared to the Msia's. The videos and slideshows were awesome. They really emphasized on how thankful they are to their parents. The Indo graduates even sang songs to their parents and gave them flowers.

There is one difference that I realized among Malaysians and Indonesians here in Purdue - wealthiness. They are filthy rich!

I also managed to take photos with some of the graduates that night.

This is Yody, Electrical Engineering student...graduated with distinction.

This is Tiffany, Electrical Engineering student too.

And..this guy, Jefferson was the one who invited me to this event that night. He graduated in Industrial Engineering.

In the photos above, you can see them singing songs for their parents. Some indo songs...

These two girls are the indo girls that stayed in the same dorm with me during my freshman year. Melissa and Vina.

I also took photos with the MC that night. the middle one is armando, the MC.

I pretty much enjoyed myself that night. Apart from all the pretty and hot girls that night, I also managed to talk to some of the graduates and some of them have already got their jobs.

Darn, I have two more years to go......

Saturday, May 16, 2009


It was a long time since I had my last BBQ. I missed that feeling.

Last week, we had a BBQ in my friend's house. They are the taiwaneses...

So my housemates and I bought a BBQ grill for my friend as a housewarming gift.

Their house is quite nice. I planned to stay in that apartment in my senior year.

Well, we had a fun night that night, played wii. =]

Counting down...3 more days to Taiwan!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bloody Monday

I had never watched Japanese drama before. In fact, I had zero interest in watching Jap dramas before. But, this drama caught my attention few days ago and I highly recommend you guys to watch this.

It's called 'Bloody Monday'.

After you watch this drama, you will definitely like programming.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Malaysian Graduation Dinner

Just had a graduation dinner last Saturday. It went pretty well, although it wasn't like what I have expected. A month ago, I was given this 'task' to take in charge of the graduation dinner that night. I was a little bit surprised because I didn't expect I was supposed to take in charge of this, since I'm only a Public Relations Officer of PUMSA. There are 5 event managers in our committees, why me?

Well, I couldn't argue more about this since I was really busy last semester. Having exams every week since January really fucked me up. This semester, I had been skipping many meals just to finish my projects, assignments and study for exams...

Anyway, in the graduation dinner, I had the chance to actually talk and sit with one of the MSD officers in Chicago, whom I invited through email. The officer named Mr. Azmi Ruzali was the VIP that night. We actually talked alot and he was actually surprised that I was the one whom he contacted with before coming here for the event. He told me that my name doesn't sound like a Malaysian's name. =.='''

He's really a nice and friendly man to talk to. He stayed in Sarawak for 2 years before when he was young. His dad was a soldier, based in Sibu and that's why he knows a little bit about Sarawak.

That night, we didn't actually expect quite alot of people to come, and it was a surprise for me that most Malaysians attended the event that night.

The MC interviewing the Graduating seniors...



Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Final Week

Here I am...writing this blog again after a few weeks of Hell(since yys said my blog is dead)

As you can see, it has already been 2 months since I last wrote the blog. This semester was a bad one for me. I had exams every week since 3rd week of January and there were only 3 weeks with no exams this semester. I took this one course, Digital System Design, that required us to take exams every 2 weeks, which is sucks.

I had my last class last Friday and was kinda glad that the semester has finally come to an end. This week is final week and I just had one exam done yesterday and the next one would be Chinese exam this Thursday and Microelectronic Circuit Design which will be on Saturday morning.

I'm going to 2 grad dinner after the finals, Msian Grad dinner and Indons Grad dinner. I'm definitely gonna blog about these two grad dinners after finals. I'm sure it's gonna be awesome.

Oh ya, we had our last Chinese class last week and we took a photo. Spot me!